08 January 2007

The Hereafter Series

The Hereafter. In this series, the Imam vividly portrays the different phases the human soul passes through during its lifetime up to its death. In breathtaking style the listener hears of the events that occur just before death and the events that come after it. The Imam gives a clear description about life in the grave, the horrors of the last day, the major and minor signs leading to the last hour and the day of resurrection. The Imam crowns this eloquently narrated lecture with the process of accountability and recompense. On the Day of Judgment those who pass the test will be rewarded with Paradise and those who fail will be rewarded with Hellfire.

Volume 1


Volume 2


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum. The links are no longer available. If you could please fix it I would greatly appreciate it. JazakAllah Khair

jpierre said...

Assalamualaikum...the "Hereafter"? This Imam Anwar must truly be brain dead to know of what happens in the "hereafter" and thus must speak from experience - if he is dead why does he speak? Unless this person fully understands quantum mechanics he knows nothing. Why can he not accept that? Those who accept without challenging such ignorance will always live in fear, and be slave to ignorance.
Islam, as is for other religions, is about humanitarian lessons. Those who fail to recognize that for themselves and choose interpretations from such manipulators fail themselves, their family, and, on their terms, Allah. Of course the same could be said of Christianity, and most other religions. Religions have been, and continue to be, exploited by manipulators throughout the ages, and the only thing that maintains this momentum is IGNORANCE.

Anonymous said...

can somebody post his lectures please

Anonymous said...

Assalam o Alaikum!
Here is a path for direct download:

You can also download it from this torrent:

Anonymous said...

Here are two more places where I found his lectures:



Hope this helps.

Sufian Babri said...

You can also download from my blog:

If you have any problem in downloading, you can contact me there. :)


Anonymous said...

Anyone know's if Sheik has a blog or website now? I cannot find anything on Google.

Mr.FULLMOON said...

WOw I amazing..Allah Bless you!

This also a link for the fabulous leacture!


Waiting for more Insh"Allah! :-)

nooreen aqueel said...

May Allah rest give peace to his soul and he be rewarded for his great effort......aameen. jazaakAllahukhair.....I loved the lecture n five stars to the small story mentioned in the beginning of the second pert...awesome.

Moin said...


Moin said...

very attractive lecture by imam...may Allah reward him Janat ul firdos

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